Spend under $300 on your next weekend snow trip - YMCA Howmans Gap
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Spend under $300 on your next weekend snow trip

Spend under $300 on your next weekend snow trip

Snow. It’s magical stuff, but why does everything around it have to be so expensive?

There’s the cost of hiring or buying snow gear, petrol for the long journey, eating out, getting a roof over your heads, snow chains and hiring snow gear … The list goes on.  And you haven’t even hit the snowfields in Falls Creek yet.

But let’s be honest: going to the snow is not something you do every day. It provides an unforgettable experience for friends, a winter wonderland in a relaxing and beautiful location with heaps of things to do.

But $300.

Is it possible? We think so.



Where you catch some z’s at night is pretty important. You want somewhere comfortable, somewhere you can relax, dry-off and get warm after being out and about in the chilly snow. Can you dare to dream about a luxury resort with hot tub on the balcony? Sure, dreaming doesn’t cost a thing!

When looking at accommodation the prices really dependant on a) how fancy the accommodation is b) how close it is to the snowfields and c) how many it can sleep.

Remember that being close to the snowfields means being close to the tourist hub. The upside is it’s close to all the restaurants and shops but it can get quite hectic.  Prices are approximate.


Be snow gear savvy


You will need to hire stuff. It’s a given. But where you hire your skis or snowboards is really dependant on where you go. Below examples of prices for daily options as of March 2017. Please note this is not a list of all hiring options in Falls Creek and is to be used as a guide only.


Aldi and Gumtree are your mates

Buying new snow gear? Saint Aldi has answered your prayers. Every year in May they have special sales on snow gear such as jackets and pants which are very good value for a low price. These sales are popular for a reason and do sell-out across the country, so make sure you get in quick. Also worth checking out gumtree and seeing if anyone is selling gear on the cheap.


The cheapest option of course would be to borrow all the stuff you need from a friend or family. If you have someone like this in your life, hold onto them closely and never let them go, especially if they have children the same age and are generous folk happy to lend without a moment’s hesitation – you will be saving up to hundreds of dollars.

Total cost– Sweet nothing!


Car stuff


Falls Creek is a good four and a half drive from Melbourne, 386 k’s each way. Depending on the fuel economy of your car, you will need a bit of fuel to get you there and back. There are so service stations on the mountain, and you really don’t want to get stuck!

Total cost for fuel: $74.16

(Find your exact price with the fuel calculator here)

Snow chains

Are essential to making sure your family gets to the snow safety and are a legal requirement during snow season. Standard snow chain hire costs are about $40 for a weekend or $70 for a week. Drop into a snow shop in Myrtleford or Mount Beauty to get your snow chain gear.


Falls Creek has a small locally managed supermarket but expect to pay a bit more due to their extra overheads (being on a bloody big mountain for one). Shop before you leave, stop at Myrtleford for your major supermarkets (1.5 hrs from Falls Creek) or at Mount Beauty (30 mins away) where it is considerably less.


Eating out

There are a range of different dining options at Falls Creek, from the very fancy cherry on top experience to a very average meal.


Things to do

Getting bored is pretty much impossible. When choosing an activity you will need to consider what equipment you will need to hire lift passes and the skill involved. For some just making snowmen or walking around the snow will be enough, for other they might like to do a proper ski activity.

Cross-country skiing is a very affordable option for those learning to ski or snowboard and with competitive hire prices from available at Falls Creek Cross Country.

Let’s add that up:


  • 2 nights private shared accommodation (Fri- Sat)- $396
  • 4 cooked meals at Howmans Gap – $264
  • Petrol cost $74.16
  • Extra groceries $200
  • Cross skiing, tobogganing and ski hire – $250

Grand total of $1184.16 or $296 each!

Want to save more? Going with more friends will bring the cost of your accommodation down even more. Contact Howmans Gap to find out how to get the best value for your money.